Law of Attraction – Methodology

Like a DIY project or a science experiment, most overviews and explanations of the Law of Attraction come with a “how to” component so you can Do It Yourself.

So how exactly do you “do” deliberate creation? How do you go about co-creating with the Universe to manifest your desires?

Here are some of the methodologies outlined so far:

  • At the start and end of each day when your brain waves are slow enough (at alpha or theta) and you are in your most relaxed and receptive state, you visualize your desired outcome for twenty minutes to two hours.
  • You use guided meditations that take you into imagery or landscapes that represent fulfillment to you daily or as you need them.
  • You make a mind movie and watch it everyday, bringing the visualization process outside of your mind and on to a screen in front of you.
  • You write, script, and rehearse a story that reflects your fulfillment – you use words to create scenes.
  • You take on a time-boxed challenge for your desired outcome, like 30 days of affirmations or 21 day meditations.
  • You create a manifesting check-list, or put your desires on a worksheet, spreadsheet in the affirmative or using “I am” statements and “work” on them everyday.
  • You use various techniques and processes to identify your active subconscious and unconscious beliefs and drop the one’s that you’ve outgrown or that are preventing you from experiencing what you desire to experience.


  • You “live as if” or “act as if” you already are, do, or have what you desire to be, do or have.
  • You make use of various types of affirmations or “afformations” to keep yourself in harmony with what you desire to experience.
  • Just after a new moon, you write out your intentions  investing a good deal of energy in the process of articulating them and then either bury or burn them.
  • You tap (EFT) on your meridian points while affirming the reality of your preferred experiences until you feel total alignment.
  • You do Chakra work to create alignment and harmony with your preferred experiences.
  • You release resistance on your goals again and again until you reach a state of neutrality or what Lester Levenson calls imperturbability. You use the Sedona Method or its variants, or Ho’oponopono to clean any contradictions from your overall vibration.
  • You use various techniques and processes like journaling to keep yourself feeling positive emotions like gratitude and appreciation.
  • You make use of various crystals to amplify your intentions.
  • You call in specific angels, guides, or other archetypes to support your intentions or release your intentions to.
  • You use art that represents your fulfillment or other symbols like sigils that you place around you in your environment.
  • You ritualize your creative process by setting up an altar or sacred space with meaningful objects, deities, images and the like and place your intentions at that altar.


This is in no way an exhaustive list for all the ways you can go about manifesting your intentions. Depending on the lineage of teachings you’re most drawn to and resonate with, you’ll find different methods proposed for your co-creative dance with the Universe.

Which one of these or combination of these is the best? That’s up to you to decide after some experimentation. Most deliberate creators start with one combination of methods and over time as they find they’ve outgrown those methods, find something different that better fits the level of expertise they’ve reached.

Like anything you consistently do over time, like any skill you put effort into developing, deliberate creation does evolve the more you “work on” or “play with” it. The more confident you become on your abilities in the deliberate creation track, the more how you go about manifesting your intentions evolve. The core lesson? Keep experimenting and keep going.

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