Law of Attraction – Origins

Although the movie The Secret brought the idea of creating your reality or having the ability to manifest your desires into mainstream social conversation, this principle has been around for millennia. From word of mouth teachings of the middle and far east, to secret societies that initiated a selected individual into the knowledge, to the Christian Science and New Thought schools that taught you the power of mind, the idea that your mind and emotions shape, influence, and alter reality has been an integral part of human development and evolution from the beginning.

The term “the Law of Attraction” may only be a few centuries old but the mindset and understanding it represents has been around for thousands of years. It’s not a “new age” fad or “pseudoscience” as the skeptical individual may suggest but rather wisdom that has been passed down through the ages in many different cultures who used whatever symbolism and language available to them to convey the realization that with a well directed heart and mind, you can impact, influence, and alter many seen and unseen layers of the environments you find yourself in.

In texts that are taught to be thousands of years old, like the Christian Bible or the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, you’ll find instructions and insight on how to make use of this inner technology you were born with.  Depending on the level of development of each society and culture, this working model of the universe is offered as anything from “magical thinking” that gets you results to a scientific understanding of the framework or realities in which you exist. Regardless of the conceptual wrapping and language used, when the initiate in this school of thought puts to practice the knowledge offered, they will get results.

For any beginner walking the deliberate creator track, there’s only one suggestion echoed through many cultures and throughout the ages: keep your efforts to yourself at the beginning. Tune out the critics and nay-sayers, tune out even the masters, and focus only on developing your ability to focus and direct your thoughts, your emotions, your energy in a chosen direction and toward some end. The most irrefutable knowledge you will ever gain is the knowledge you get from direct experience.

Materials to reference to understand the broader historical contexts of mind power and reality creation:


New Thought authors that gave this understanding a more modern language:


Other Material Referenced in this Post:

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